Yet Another Attempt at Craft Destash

Are we truly past the middle of January?? I don’t remember January being this fast. Then again, as they say, time flies — especially when you’re busy with many things. Can’t complain. I enjoy being busy for my loved ones. Though I wish I could afford more time for other productive activities like decluttering. Last December, I tried to dispose of some items from my art and crafts stash. Many crafters call this ‘destash’ or ‘destashing’. I’ve yet to get used to the word, so I’ll have to stay with ‘declutter’ for now. So far, I have managed to let go of 9 papercrafting magazines that I kept in my drawers for almost 2 years. Look!

bundle craft magazines

I have more crafting magazines to sell. (Check out my Shop for Art and Stuff page.) And perhaps a few student-grade art supplies that have been replaced with new artist-grade brands. I’ve got at least 3 drawers to confront, heaven help me. The panels/boards of my drawers are about to give way because of the heavy load. I may have to read about replacement drawer guides soon! I’m no longer a hoarder of papercrafting magazines, thank God. But I will still need space for, ehem, other art and craft supplies. I know, I’m hopeless. :o)

Smile for the New Year

January 1, 2015: We spent the early part of the first day of the year at a tapsilugan and bulaluhan near the place where we checked in. Tagaytay was sooo cold! Our 7 y.o. seems to really like the place and the weather.


How to Make Your Own Watercolor Sketchbook

It can get a little frustrating when you can’t find that sketchbook with your preferred size and paper quality. My favorite sketchbook sizes are the A5 (measures 148 × 210 millimeters or 5.83 × 8.27 inches) and the 9 x 6. Local art and stationery stores don’t usually have these sizes. I prefer watercolor paper in my sketchbooks, too, but unfortunately portrait watercolor sketchbooks are hard to find in my area. Ordering from online art stores based in other countries may seem like the next best idea. But after calculating shipping fees and the time these sketchbooks will have arrived at the post office (if they would arrive at all), I knew that buying online is just another impractical thing. Given these limitations, I was naturally compelled to make and design my own watercolor sketchbooks.

9x6 watercolor journal

I made my first watercolor sketchbook late last year. The idea just popped in my head one day, and while the thought balloon floated on top of me, I went to National Boosktore and bought a 9×12 watercolor pad. I rushed home, grabbed my tools and began to work. Here’s how I came up with my first 9 x 6 sketchbook:

1.) First, I cut the watercolor pad in half, crosswise. If you have a 9 x 12, you cut the 12” side in half to make a 9 x 6 portrait sketchbook. I used my Cricut paper trimmer to cut the sheets one by one, including the cover and the hard board at the back of the pad. You can use a small handheld paper cutter or a large pair of scissors to cut the pad — whatever cutting tool you’re comfortable with. Remember to keep the loose sheets. You can use them for watercolor projects that you may want to frame, scan, or use as embellishments.

2.) Next, I wrapped the rough edges of the hard board with strips of washi tape. (You can use masking tape.) You don’t need to do this if your cutter is sharp and big enough to cut smoothly through a thick board.

3.) Finally, I covered the front of my sketchbook with wrapping paper. If the watercolor pad has a nice cover, I no longer bother to change it. The pad that I used in the photo above is a Canson watercolor pad. It didn’t have a sturdy thick cover, so I glued the other half of the hard board to the thin sheet and wrapped them with printed paper. Just to make it neat and clean.

Aside from the usual 9 x 6’s, I have also made watercolor sketchbooks that measure 9 x 9 and 12 x 9. When I get the chance, I will try to learn how to bind the loose sheets as well. But for now, I’ll be spending more time with my new watercolor sketchbook. I hope you’re getting busy with yours, too! :o)

A Belated Christmas Post

christmas tree photo

Happy Feast of the Epiphany!

We had a wonderful 2014 Christmas celebration with my side of the family. My sister flew in from Canada to spend the holidays with us. It’s her first time to be here at Christmastime since she left for North America in 2005. So we tried to make the most of this vacation by spending quality time with her.

Dec. 24th – We had Christmas lunch at a rented villa in Tagaytay City. Gifts were given, piano and guitar played, lots of talk and playing.

Dec. 25th – We brought the girls to Sky Ranch. It was their first time there and they really enjoyed the place. The horseback riding was fun, but Candice wished her horse trotted and moved faster. Haha.

After a hearty Japanese lunch, we headed home. Traffic was terrible. You wouldn’t think it would be that terrible as it was mid-afternoon when we decided to pack up and go. But, oh, never mind that traffic. We all had a great time!

I hope your Christmas was just as wonderful and blessed. =)