And the winner of the Easter 2014 Craft Giveaway is …

cnb ballon readjusted x 180Hello, and Happy Easter!

Before I announce the winner, let me just give my heartfelt thanks to all those who checked out my post (it’s here: Easter 2014 Giveaway: Ranger Archival Ink + Rub-on Stickers + Deco Tape). I felt giddy seeing so many referral links from Twitter and Facebook! Even more THANKS to those who actually left comments on the post to join this Easter giveaway/event. Your comments are awesome! :o)

The person who gets to have the Easter 2014 craft treats is:


and here is her comment on the post:

I am a crafter-wannabe..all ideas, things I wanna do is in my mind but I do not have the courage to do so. I want to do rubberstamping, I want to make scrapbook page, I want to make something out of my blank cancas tote bag and the ideas are all in my head. Perhaps if I’ll be lucky to win these items, I can do at least one of the many things I wanna do. :)

Thank you for participating, Julie! Please get in touch with me through this form. Send me your shipping details (full name, mailing address, contact number) so I can send the items to you. Congratulations! :o)

Altered Art Journal Covers

I was in my makeshift studio one afternoon thinking of what craft project to work on. Except for the decoupage paper plate clock that I made for my daughter, I hadn’t worked on my own craft project in a long time. I thought about making cards again using stamps and embellishments, but somehow the idea didn’t give me enough jump start. I began to rearrange my stuff with the hope of seeing something I might want to alter or use.

altered covers

What did I find? My newly purchased blank sketchbooks, some unused rolls of fabric tape that I bought months ago, and scraps of patterned paper. Then it hit me: Why don’t I start redecorating the cover of my art journals? I’d been meaning to alter some book covers but couldn’t seem to get the right groove or inspiration. Altering an art journal cover might just help me get started.

After working with fabric tape and scraps, I then decided to post some stickers that bear quotes about art and creativity. I’m not sure if I’m already done altering these covers. I just know that I’m happy with what I’ve done.

Do you decorate the covers of your journals and sketchbooks, too?

Index Card Art: Using an Old Sheet Music to Create a Vintage Effect

I’m a fan of anything vintage so this theme often comes out in many of my artworks and craft projects. When I began to conceptualize a theme for my first index card art, I knew I wanted to give it that vintage look. And I mean, a REAL vintage look using a real vintage artifact or material. So I went to the basement and skimmed some moldy books. I found an old thesaurus book, a book of flowers, and my collection of music sheets. I have kept many of my piano books and sheet music since the time I started piano lessons. I stopped playing many years ago but my books and pieces remained with me.


I chose to ‘botch’ my MacArthur Park sheet music because it’s been pretty gnawed at by you-know-whats and I do not have a very fond memory of when I was forced by my piano teacher to learn this piece. I dutifully learned it and played it to her satisfaction, and then put it away to my own satisfaction. So there weren’t any hard feelings when I cut and tore a part of the sheet music. I then adhered it to a 4×6 index card and painted it with a light wash of yellow ochre. Then I drew a figure and painted it with watercolor and markers. Lastly, I sponged a small portion on the upper left corner of the card with dye ink (Art Print Brown by Hero Hues).

Supplies used: 4×6 white index card, old sheet music, watercolor paints (Koh-I-Noor), acid-free and permanent markers (Tsukineko Memento), dye ink pad (Hero Hues)

Only in My River of Dreams

I really wanted to try one of these rafts at Hacienda Escudero the last time we were there. But as soon as I stepped on it and felt the world wobble, I knew I was just going to get dizzy and disappoint my mom. Might as well give me a boat, like a wigwam or something. And then I’ll row in my river of dreams.