Candice’s First Holy Communion

Our 7 y.o. received her First Holy Communion last February 14. Yes, it happened on Valentine’s Day and all the communicants cried in unison, “God is my Valentine!” How cute is that. <3

Here’s a picture of Candice getting ready for the occasion:


I love how their veils were made. The girls looked like little white woodland fairies. And, I’m thankful that the school staff was there to secure the veil on her hair. (I actually forgot to bring hair pins!!!) I’m keeping Candice’s veil along with her dress as they might come in handy someday for school presentations or costume parties.


G took some pictures after the ceremony. This one’s my personal favorite: the Holy Communicant and the Cute Temptress

2015-02-14 11.12.30

I’ve no idea why Stella did this silly thing, though I know that she’s likely to do something ‘different’ as she’s always had this naughty streak. And, I’m aware that she doesn’t understand religious ceremonies yet, so she probably thought she could get away with this. Haha. I like how she makes sincere comments and questions about Jesus and God. We were reading the story of The Good Samaritan one night and she pointed at the face of Jesus and said, “Oh! So this is how the grown-up Jesus looks like. He has a beard!” Maybe I should tell her next time that beards were popular during Jesus’s time and that they didn’t bother to use razors and after shave stuff (like pinaud, for example.)

Anyway, I’m excited about Candice receiving the host again during the Easter Mass. She’s so eager to attend Mass now because she can already participate in the Eucharistic celebration. May God and all the angels and saints guide her in her spiritual journey.

Watercolor Diptych Project: Yellow and Orange Tulips

I’ve always wanted to do a diptych in watercolor, but it’s only recently that I found the right subject and learned to use the right techniques to properly render one of my fancies. And so, guys and dolls, here’s my first diptych project. It’s after a watercolor exercise on wet-in-wet technique. Can’t say this wasn’t a challenge at all. I have come to discover that paper, brush and paints all matter when you’re doing something with a passion. More so, one will have to let go of doubts when trying a new painting technique.

diptychHaving these babies framed and displayed in the living room soon. I hope to make another diptych this year with flowers still as my subject.

Supplies: watercolors (Sakura Koi); brushes (imitation sable, waterbrush); watercolor paper (Canson Montval, 140 lb); rest of my watercolor supplies are listed here.

Friday 5 from 2005

I’ve been reading some old blog posts that I’ve archived somewhere else. (It’s now a private blog). Look what I found:

friday 5 from 2005

Did you use to do Friday Five too? I was never a regular participant, but I did try to answer some questions when I felt like doing so. I answered this FF meme in 2005, while I was still holed up in Manila. If I were to answer these questions again, I’d have different answers for all except for No. 2.

Let’s see:

1. What’s the one movie you’ve seen more times than any other? – It’s either Little Women or One True Thing.

3. Whom would you cast? — for An Instance of the Fingerpost, I’d like to have James McAvoy and the girl who plays Daenerys Targaryen right now. (I’m too lazy to Google, sorry.)

4. What one movie would you like to see “updated for the year 2015″? (Ie, a remake) – It’s 2015 and I don’t know what I’d like to see updated. Har, har.

5. What one movie are you most looking forward to this year? Anything written by Iain Pears?

Yellow Rose in Watercolor

The yellow rose holds a special place in my heart. Not in a romantic way or due to some memorable Valentine event. But because it’s on the cover of my baby photo album which is now gone and missing. It’s a mystery how this album was removed from my room in Pandacan. It seems that someone had taken interest and got too obsessed with it.

Anyway, as I was browsing through one of my art books and looking for a new watercolor project, I came across this wet-in-wet exercise on yellow roses. The artist rendered the flowers in a sort of dramatic and vintage style. And it was exactly the kind of visual stimulus that triggered some beautiful memories of a happy childhood. I brought out my watercolor sketchbook and Sakura Koi watercolor pan set, copied one of the roses, and rendered it my way using the wet-in-wet technique. (I know the photo isn’t bright enough. I’ll try to do a reshoot one of these days.)

I love how this painting turned out. I’m not always confident whenever I do the WIW technique, but this one gave me a lot of boost. In fact, since I did this one, I’ve been painting flowers and other subjects using the same technique. I guess there’s no turning back.