Video Art Demo: Sunflowers in Watercolor Pencils and Derwent Inktense Blocks

Hello there! I’m back and I’m excited to share with you a short art demo that I managed to record on video. My 4 y.o. daughter asked me to draw and paint sunflowers and I did just that on my 9×9 watercolor journal.

I used a 2H pencil (Kuelox) to sketch the flowers and watercolor pencils (Faber-Castell) to color them. I used a bit of yellow Caran D’Ache Neocolor II for the petals, but as it didn’t seem to go well with rough watercolor paper, I ended up using sun yellow from my Derwent Inktense Blocks set.

I have already laid down the colors before taking this video. Here you’ll see me adding water to “activate”, blend and spread the pigment. Most of the materials that I used are in my Drawing and Illustration and Watercolor Painting supply lists. Enjoy!

Sketching Coneflowers on a Gloomy Day

I’ve been sketching a lot lately — almost every day in fact. And I’m loving every minute of it! It doesn’t matter if I’m just doing rough sketches or preliminary sketches. As long as I’m able to draw something, I’ll be fine. Yesterday I drew coneflowers on my A5 sketchbook. It was a rather gloomy day and I thought it would be great to sit at the porch and do some sketching.


I used a 3H pencil (Colleen) to draw these flowers. My supply list for drawing and illustration is over here.

Thank You For The Music

My family’s old piano in Manila was brought to our place here in Cavite last summer upon my request. It has survived at least two floodings in Pandacan, and I do not wish for it to suffer another calamity. We haven’t experienced flood coming in to this house so far, so the piano’s safe for now. I only need to worry about little rats that tend to gnaw at the felt casing inside the box.


I haven’t spent much time with this piano since it was brought here. I did try to relearn some of my old pieces a few months back, and I think I did quite well considering the fact that I hadn’t actually played for 22 years. (My decision to quit playing the piano is a long and complicated story.) Anyway, I teach Candice basic piano lessons and exercises when I can, usually on weekends. She can now play at least 5 pieces from my antiquated beginner’s piano book. I wish I had kept my other books (I stopped at Grade/Level 4). But it’s a good thing I still have my sonatas and sonatinas. I treasure the music sheets and piano books that my Papa and I got from a music store in Raon (Quiapo, Manila). I plan to get more piano books on standard/contemporary music.

My husband is the one who tinkers with the piano more often in this household. He enjoys playing for the kids and for me. Though I think he got too engrossed with piano playing that he forgot about his guitar lying quietly upstairs. The poor thing broke after it fell on the floor. It’s not as handsome as a Gibson Les Paul (Read Full Review), but it has served us well for years. We will have to invest on a new acoustic guitar someday. In the meantime, the piano will be an important source of entertainment for our family. I’m learning to play Christmas songs again ‘cause I used to really enjoy playing the piano at Christmastime. It’s my family’s tradition that suffered the injuries of time, and I’m hoping to relive it now. It’s never bad to relive bittersweet memories, right? And now, I leave you with this:

A Good Start to September


Hello there! It seems that I’m off to a good start this September:

1)  I’ve got new art supplies from the U.S. coming in about a week (ah, the perks of being the “little sister” in the family). My brother just spent a month-long vacation in New York and was kind enough to ask me what art supplies I wish to have. I told him to just get ANY of the stuff in my list. He got all of them! *giddy* He’s the certified artist in the family, so he knows how important it is to have quality art supplies. Oh, and he recently finished illustrating a children’s book due for release this October. I’ll fill you in with details as soon as the book is out.

2)  A client finally sends me payment after more than 30 days of waiting.  I know that’s not too long a wait, but a promise is a promise.

3)  And, I just submitted my last article to another client. Yipee! I admit that I’ve grown lazy when it comes to writing articles. But, you just don’t cut the hand that feeds you, right? Work, I must.

4)  My husband was here during the weekend! He was away the weekend before, which was a *long weekend*. Parenting solo drives me crazy, so I’m relieved that his weekend appointments got cancelled. I got to talk to him about many things and the girls played with him a lot. He’s our favorite toy and the only clown in this house.

Now that deadlines are out of the way, I plan to spend more time on my art projects (field sketching is in order this week) and other tasks (like making sense of the piles of junk that my kids and I have accumulated since the start of the school year). Well, there’s actually plenty of things to do. If I were to list them all here, I’d end up having perhaps some 3-feet long post. LOL.

Oh, excuse me. I’m just too excited and happy. Hope September’s going to be good for you as well!