Playing Christmas Songs On The Piano

piano keys photo

Early this month I bought a Christmas book that contains Nativity stories and Christmas songs with music sheets. Absolutely divine! Not to mention that I got this beautiful book at P50 off from National Bookstore.

I’ve played most of the pieces on the piano already. The arrangement is good but too simple. If you’ve gone through Grade 1 in piano, this will be a breeze for you. (I stopped lessons at Grade 4, and I’m worried that my long gone piano professor might appear in my dreams and tell me to get more difficult pieces. Har har.) Anyway, I hope to find the time to modify them a bit. My husband prefers to just go with the chords listed. He can play most pieces on piano and guitar. But our guitar croaked and broke months ago and we can’t afford to shop now for new instruments and accessories. So he makes do with my Papa’s Wittemberg, which is really one of the most awesome pianos we’ve ever played on.

Hopefully on Christmas Eve, we’ll all be gathered by the piano and singing beautiful songs about Jesus’s birth. It’s a tradition of my family’s that I wish to relive in my own household. Candice can already play a portion of “Jingle Bells” on the piano and she’s determined to complete it in time for Christmas.

The Only Exception

I’ve been singing Paramore’s “The Only Exception” for like two weeks already! I love sad songs, especially those that tell of unrequited love. This Paramore song, however, is an exception. It’s one of my “she’s come undone” songs. (You might get what I mean if you’ve read Wally Lamb’s novel.)

What makes the song even more special is my memory of Candice and Stella singing it sometime in 2011. I captured it on video and watched it again just two weeks ago and so the song and the beautiful memories got stuck in my head. Candice was around 3 when I recorded her singing the song using Stella’s nasal aspirator as mic. (It’s so cute and funny. It also reminds me that we need to get a real dynamic mic or something.) Stella was probably about 7 months at that time and was already trying to sing the same song using the aspirator too.

We’ve got many videos of the girls singing different songs. I’ll have to find the time to put everything in another storage device. Or perhaps ask my husband to do it.

Watercolor Study: Two Sunflowers

Quickest week ever. I think I spent much of it at home. Found ample time to make art and studies. Here’s one that I worked on and finished midweek. I made the sketch last month and began rendering the colors maybe two or three weeks ago. I used various mediums for detail and texture: watercolor (Prang), watercolor pencils (Faber-Castell), Inktense blocks (Derwent), Inktense pencils (Derwent), and colored pencils (Prismacolor Premier). <3 All for now! - Connie


Line and Wash: Boy Riding a Bicycle

I had a lovely long weekend with the family — and myself. Yes, myself. I got to spend some Me Time yesterday and was able to shop for a few art supplies and magazines. (You’ll find me often glued to back issues of Somerset Studio and artists’ cafe.) This morning I got to spend some solo moments with Stella ’cause it’s her day off from school. We played at an arcade and had lunch at Jollibee. We returned home at 1 p.m. super tired and ready for our afternoon naps! I woke up after 30 minutes, eager to get something done at my art desk.

Here’s a quick line and wash done on my 9×6 Canson illustration pad:

boy on a bicycle

I copied the boy on a bike from a vintage postcard. The photo is originally in black and white. I thought I wanted some color on the drawing so I used watercolor, ink pencils and colored pencils. I used a Staedtler B pencil to sketch, a Sakura Pigma Micron 01 drawing pen to line, Derwent Inktense pencils and Koh-I-Noor Hardmuth to color and wash, and Prismacolor Premier colored pencils for detail. Stella’s old toddler toothbrush did some wonders, too!

Hope you all have a wonderful, meaningful and productive week. :o)