Only in My River of Dreams

I really wanted to try one of these rafts at Hacienda Escudero the last time we were there. But as soon as I stepped on it and felt the world wobble, I knew I was just going to get dizzy and disappoint my mom. Might as well give me a boat, like a wigwam or something. And then I’ll row in my river of dreams.

Easter 2014 Giveaway: Ranger Archival Ink + Rub-on Stickers + Deco Tape

Hello, everyone! This Easter, I’m giving away a bundle of treats to one (1) fellow art and craft enthusiast. I’d been planning this giveaway for almost a month already, but it’s only recently that I got to gather the stuff I really want the winning person to have. And these are:

  • one (1) Ranger Archival Ink – Monarch Orange (new and unused)
  • two (2) sheets of rub-on stickers (hearts and i-love-you’s)
  • one (1) roll of deco tape (Cute Red Hood)

easter2014I want to share some craft supplies that I actually use to make art or craft projects. Rub-ons and deco tapes occasionally make their way to my handmade cards, art journals, and scrapbook pages. The Ranger Archival Ink is the one that I use more often and on a broader scale (I use them on cards, journals, albums, scrapbooks, and canvases). And orange is one color that you’d often see in my crafts, art journals, and paintings. I bought 6 pieces of Ranger Archival Ink from the US last year. I got 2 pieces of monarch orange. Why give this one precious thing away? Well, that’s what Lent/Easter is all about. :o)

Here’s how you can participate in this giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what sort of art or craft projects you can make using these supplies (ink, rub-ons, deco tape).
  2. Feel free to write a long comment/answer. Doing so will help me understand better what you wish to say.
  3. You may include in your comment a link to one of your *own* art or craft projects if there’s any or your own blog or art/crafts page.

Optional tasks:

* I will pick and announce the winner on Easter Monday, April 21, 2014. Please stand by and check out this blog on that day for an update.

** I will shoulder the shipping fee for these items I’m giving away. The blessed winner will have to send me his/her shipping details so I can ship the goodies right away. If the winner is based in the Philippines, I will ship the items via Xend. If the winner is from overseas, I will send the prizes as registered mail.

*** This giveaway is open to art and craft enthusiasts from all over the world! If you’re below 18 years of age, you might have to ask your guardian permission to participate in this contest and share your contact details.

Thank you for checking out this post. I look forward to your comments. :o)

Sketching With Watercolor Pencils

I’ve been sketching a lot lately using watercolor pencils. I got a kiddie grade 12-piece Faber-Castell set sometime in January, and just recently a 6-piece set of artist grade Derwent Aquatone. I’ve been sketching because I love drawing, I miss the pencil, and I want to get used to these watercolor pencils. I do make sketches for watercolor composition but the time spent with the pencil on that occasion is rather short. With sketching and pencil drawing, you get to exhaust one or more pencils to finish a subject. I love it. I feel the creative release every time and it’s been very helpful. Here are random sketches that I did yesterday using watercolor pencils:

watercolor pencils

I actually started sketching the trees just to compare the two brands of watercolor pencils that I have: Faber-Castell and Derwent Aquatone. Frankly, I can’t tell much difference. Although I can say that these two brands are both excellent. Faber-Castell is only student grade yet its colors are rich enough and easily manipulated with waterbrush (See tree on the right). Derwent Aquatone has a slightly different kind of pigment quality as it’s artist grade. I tend to think that it has brighter and more intense colors than Faber-Castell (See tree on the left). By the way, Faber-Castell has the artist grade Albrecht Durer watercolor pencil tin set. You might want to consider using this brand if it’s available from where you live. ** You must realize, however, that becoming a Durer is another thing. ;o) **

The rest of the sketches at random have been done using Faber-Castell watercolor pencils. The figure drawing of a woman’s body (from memory) was the last piece that I did. I brushed the outlines with a cheap Aqua-flo waterbrush and loved the effect.  It seems so subtle yet the shadows on the outline are there. It’s like a sketch that’s done a century ago and faded with the injuries of time.

I hope to do more watercolor pencil sketches for practice and leisure. Watercolor pencils are the only colored pencils that I have right now and they’re good enough (or maybe I’m just trying very hard to convince myself). I confess that I’ve been meaning to get Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, or Derwent Coloursoft, or Derwent Inktense Watercolor Pencils since last year. I’ve been holding the purchase until I determine what sort of pencils I truly need/want/deserve. They’re all rather pricey but fall within a certain price range (Php 600 – Php 700 for a 12-piece set). At this point, I’m bent on getting Prismacolor since I’ve been reading more rave reviews from artists about this brand rather than Coloursoft. If you have other recommendations, feel free to leave a comment on this post.

New to watercolor pencils? You may find these articles useful:

Using Watercolor Pencil: Basic Watercolor Pencil Application ( – Take note on how you can achieve dense color using watercolor pencils. Dilution can be a bit tricky, as I’ve discovered since I tried these pencils. Also, the hatching technique might serve you well if you’re after tonal values. This I discovered too while sketching various subjects.

How to Draw with Watercolour Pencils – 10 Tips ( – This is one guide you can print out and use as reference every time you sketch or draw using watercolor pencils. I agree on what she says about the waterbrush: It seems to go well with watercolor pencils. I use Aquaflo for practice. You can try better brands like Niji, Pentel, Derwent or Sakura.